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We are Malaysia’s leading PR Training firm – We combine industry expertise with innovative strategies to provide PR training to organizations across Asia. Our training methodology is highly interactive, effective and result oriented. Our trainers are journalists, editors, experienced PR consultants and Social Media Gurus who will share the latest trends in Public Relations Practices. Hundred of local and international PR practitioners have gained valuable insights from our training. Talk to us today!

Public Relations Bootcamp™

Public Relations Bootcamp™ – A one of a kind PR workshop in Malaysia! Learn media relation tactics, crisis communication strategies and social media tools for PR in this three day workshop. Facilitators are award winning journalists, experienced PR practitioners and highly sought after Social Media Gurus.

Surviving Social Media Crisis

Surviving a Social Media Crisis – What would be your first response when there are negative comments on your company’s Facebook page? Or, a brand-damaging video that has gone viral? Do you have a crisis communication plan which includes a social media response? How should you respond to a social media crisis? And how can you turn this into a PR opportunity? Join our one day “Surviving Social Media Crisis” workshop to learn more!

Write Press Releases Like A Pro!

Write Press Releases Like A Pro! – What makes a press release stand out from a pile of clutter? In this one day workshop, learn how to write attention grabbing press releases from seasoned journalists and editors.

How To Write A Good Speech

How To Write A Good Speech – Are you required to write speeches for your CEO/Spokesperson that move the audience and get them thinking? Do you want to improve your speech writing skills? Do you want to learn the techniques and secrets to grab and hold your audience’s attention? Then, this workshop is for you!

Spokesperson Media Training™

Spokesperson Media Training™ – A highly interactive and intensive workshop which includes mock interviews in a real studio environment to give participants a feel of an actual interview setting. Participants can expect to learn the tactics and strategies to maximize the impact of media interviews.


Manminder Dhillon

Lead Trainer-Award winning PR Practitioner
Manminder Dhillon is the founder of Intelectasia She holds a Masters in Corporate Communication and is a certified HRDF trainer. Manminder is a member of the esteemed International Public Relations Association (IPRA). As an ex-journalist with Astro Awani, Manminder has covered various international and local issues. Currently, she provides PR consultancy and training to various organizations, ranging from healthcare groups to billion ringgit conglomerates.

Puspavathy Ramaloo

Award Winning Journalist (TV)
Puspavathy Ramaloo is no stranger in the local news scene. As a Senior Broadcast Journalist with TV3 since 2001, Puspa has won numerous awards not only locally but at the international level as well. She currently reports for ‘Aduan Rakyat’.

Khoo Hsu Chuang

BFM Co-host of The Morning Run
Chuang is a co-host of The Morning Run on BFM 89.9 where he ‘grills’ many prominent business leaders in the popular ‘Breakfast Grille’ show. Previously he was a financial journalist at The Edge Bloomberg and Reuters in Malaysia and UK.

Saraswathi Muniappan

Asst. Editor Economic News Service, BERNAMA
Saraswathi Muniappan has more than 16 years of experience in journalism and is currently the Assistant Editor, Economic News Service of Malaysian National News Agency (Bernama). Her forte has been corporate news, aviation and commodities. She has covered various domestic and international events from general news and domestic politics to global economies and regional issues. Between 2012-2014, Saras was Bernama’s New Delhi Bureau Chief, covering both the business and political issues in India specifically and South Asia in general.

Veenita Bhan

Business Communication Coach

Veenita Bhan is an incisive public speaking and business communication coach, with a vast international experience. She was a distinguished Toastmaster,  having served both as Director and President of the Amman International Toastmasters Club (Toastmasters is a global network that teaches public speaking, corporate presence and business communication). Veenita was also a Debate Judge at World Scholars Club (an international competition with more than 15,000 students participating from six continents). With over 20 years of experience in adult and young adult coaching, Veenita has conducted Business Communication, Corporate Presence and Presentation Skill workshops in various multinational companies across the world. Veenita holds a Degree (Hons) and PGDE in English Language.

Shafizan Johari

Forward Planning Editor and Lead Editor at Astro AWANI
Shafizan Johari is a journalist with 14 years of experience in the industry. Currently he is the Forward Planning Editor and Lead Editor at Astro AWANI, responsible for overall and day-to-day editorial strategy and implementation.

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